Wednesday, 1 February 2012

It's been a long time

I have been so busy over the last year that I completely forgot to blog anything! Oh dear. To make up for it I am posting a ling to some of the work I did at uni in 2010, When my webste is up and running I shall update that on here as well as my work has changed a lot over 2011 2012.

My main projects in 2010 early 2011 (before baby arrived) were 'Mythologies', 'The Secret Garden' and 'Nostalgia', I hope it's of some interest, some good bits, some not so good bits :) My current projects are still under construction, but I will update the link here when I have completed it.. until then take a look at a current drawing project with performance artist Stacey Allen where we investigate the application of drawing

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  1. My lovely, you were licking a wall, this has cheered me immensely :) x